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Rongali Bihu at Dhopalia Jyotikuchi was given birth by a few enthusiastic brave hearts in 1999.

As it is known well Bihu is for fun and frolics to various ethnic groups of Asom and in the form of Rongali Bihu celebrated all over during the Assamese month of Bohag.

In Brihattar Dhopalia Jyotikuchi the stage of Rongali Bihu has been transformed into a front harbinger of social harmony for peace and progress through promotion of culture because Dhopalia Jyotikuchi is inhabited by ethnic Karbis ,Assamese,Bengalis and North Indians from Bihar and UP which is why Dhopalia Jyotikuchi is depicted as mini India. But within a span of a decade Dhopalia Rongali Bihu has over brimmed the perimeter of Dhopalia Jyotikuchi in order to attract well wishers from all over the country.

In Dhopalia Rongali Bihu all the communities get together to enjoy the all permeating spirit of Bihu and to share their hearts and happiness in the ever enticing shade of Bohag.

The Brihattar Dhopalia Jyotikuchi Rongali Bihu Sanmilan has been registered under the Registrar of Societies , Govt of Asom under Registration of Societies Act 1860 as an NGO which will work for cultural harmony, social integration and over all services to the community.

The Certificate of Registration No. KAM/240/A-II/132 OF 2008.

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